Five technology startups to make the world a batter place

Sputnik is proud to present the third installment of the top-five innovative projects’ list.

These technological innovations were presented at the StartUpShow, a platform for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which, together with Sputnik, is launching a joint project to search for and support start-ups in more than 30 countries.

The previous two iterations of top startup lists are available here and here.

A Charger That You Don’t Have to Plug In

The battery of your cellphone or tablet is running low and there’s no outlet in sight? Then you might want to use a TRIADA kinetic charger. This handy device doesn’t need to be plugged in as it accumulates electricity as you carry it around – whether commuting, jogging or walking.



The CEO and founder of the Simple Energy company, Vadim Beker, told Sputnik that while the technology itself is nothing new, there is nothing like it yet on the Russian market.

Train Your Mind Right at Your Desktop

Wikium, a digital service developed by Sergei Belan, is a set of about 40 online exercises that help train your memory and improve brain activity. The exercises have different difficulty levels, and their sequence is tailored to suit each individual user.

Когнитивные тренажеры


According to Belan, there are currently about 470,000 people using his service which is available only in Russia and in the former Soviet republics at the moment, although his company is ready to make a move into the global market.

A Tablet for the Visually Impaired

Braille Pad is a unique tablet computer specifically designed for visually impaired people. The device features a tactile display that allows its user to browse websites and check their email.

Тренировка на когнитивном тренажере


Rashid Aliev, the creator of the Braille Pad, told Sputnik that Turkey has already preordered 50,000 Braille Pad tablets to be used in by the country’s education system.

«We intend to sell our merchandise to many countries. There are people with impaired vision living all over the world,» Aliev remarked.

See, Film, Earn!

While any smartphone user can be an amateur reporter by filming something interesting, Mymobstr, a platform created by a team of Ukrainian designers, also allows you to profit from it!



«A person logs into the system and films something using the Mymobstr app. The app verifies the time and the place where the video was shot, while the user adds a headline and a short caption, and the resultant file is submitted for moderation. When the video is purchased, the user receives his fee via an in-system monetary account,» company CEO Andrei Bulavinov explained.

A New Way to Treat High Blood Pressure

Nearly 40 percent of the world’s population suffers from arterial hypertension, but the SurgeonET – a device designed by Russian surgeon Eduard Timbakov – may help decrease that number.

According to its creator, the device allows a doctor to treat a patient by influencing the neural centers in the body that govern the arterial pressure.

The pre-clinical trials have already confirmed the SurgeonET’s effectiveness and its competitive advantage over foreign models.

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